Food is all about taste. that is why, USPFC serves very innovative menu with natural ingradients to give you best in industry taste at very affordable price. USPFC is a food destination for those, who love to try diffrent things with their food. We are here to serve you a big manu of American & Italian cousine with some Indian spiece mix & really good taste.


Magical & delicious Pizza. Pizza with perfect balance of crispiness & cheesyness. Lots of toppins overloded with mozzarella cheese....such a good idea! #magicalslice.

Fried chicken

You don't have to bother for perfect fried chicken....make it own with us. We prepare it by cutting into perfrct size, marinate it for 10-12 hours, degrade & rest for 2-3 hours, keep oil at proper temprature & finally fry it. #perfect fried chickon. Come to uspfc for a perfect crunchy fried chicken


A burger that understand balance & honours its ingredients. #seriously delicious. We prepare burger from freshest natural ingredients we can find, becouse when you eat our burgers, only one question that matters; Do you want another one?


Handpicked food items in this section. Select your sides to make your plate complete. #Delicious

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